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Avoiding rogue traders

How you can avoid rogue traders

What is a rogue trader.

Rogue traders are people who use door-to-door sales techniques to target the elderly and vulnerable in order to sell goods or services that have not been authorised. In recent years, they have become more prevalent in the UK.

You might do well to avoid any traders who call at your doorstep. Trading Standards suggests that you should NOT employ these people as you taking a risk on the lawfulness of their activity.

Cold calling rogue traders

Rogue traders Cold calling is the act of calling a stranger for the purpose of selling a product or service.

In this digital era, cold calling has become harder with the rise of social media. This is why companies often hire cold callers to generate leads and sales.There is also cooled callers that will often knock on your door and try to pressure you in to handing over money for there service or a product.

Rogue traders also use email scams

Rogue traders often use email scams as one of their methods for targeting potential victims. They will send an email that appears to be from someone you know but is actually from the scammer and then ask for money once they’ve convinced you it’s legit or when they’ve built up enough trust with you through emails.

How to find the good trades people and Avoid rogue traders

personal recommendations

When you choose to hire a professional for your service, it pays off. However, the process can be difficult because you don’t know who to trust. One of the best ways to ensure quality service is to choose somebody who has been recommended. This is because they are more likely to be trustworthy and provide a better service.

Searching online to find a trusted trades person\company

If you’re new to a specific area, you should also search online for recommendations. Your best bet might be to start with online review sites like Bark and Rated people. There is a lot of information available.And it’s easier than ever to find the right person for your project.Many good companys will have reviews about there past work make sure to check them

Always get 3 quotes for any work

If you ensure you get a number of quotes for every piece of work that needs doing, you can better judge the true price. So you do not pay to much or to little.If one quote is way under priced it is a indication that thay may be a rogue trader

Get references

It’s important to have solid picture of there past jobs and you should not be shy about asking for references.If the builder won’t provide references, ask why – it is often very telling sign that thay maybe a rogue trader.

Get a detailed quote

Make so you get a detailed quote about how much the labour cost will be and how much materials cost.A good trades person will never mind sharing this information.

Payment terms.Rogues traders normally want payment upfront

When you’re hiring an expert, it’s important to be sure to choose a contractor that does not mind arranging payment terms with normally a job is split into three payments. It is also a good idea for the long-term development of your project if the contractor sends you a plan with an expected completion date. For any sized job or project.

Report and avoid rogue traders

If thay are part of any scheme or association, report them to your local Trading Standards department. Don’t just turn a blind eye on their operations. They should comply with certain standards and if they don’t, they may need stoppeing from operating.If thay are not with a association then try and get the trading name\There name and maybe what vehicle thay are operating in.And how many people.

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