Move is part of a hardline pivot after militants suggested moderate reforms when taking power last year.

Taliban enforce face coverings for Afghanistan’s female News reporters

Taliban enforce face coverings for Afghanistan’s female News reporters

In Afghanistan, this past week the Taliban has begun enforcing a new order requiring female TV news presenters to wear clothes that cover their faces while on air. The Taliban have also been noted to be hardline in their approach to many of its other policies, drawing condemnation from rights activists.

On Thursday, most news outlets complied with the Taliban’s decree. However, we saw more of them on Sunday as it became public knowledge that the Taliban was enforcing this type of dress code.

The Government of Turkey previously announced the decision was “final and non-negotiable.”

“It is just an outside culture imposed on us forcing us to wear a mask and that can create a problem for us while presenting our programmes,” said Sonia Niazi of Tolo News.

A local media official confirmed that he received the order last week but on Sunday was forced to implement it after his station was told it wasn’t to be discussed again. He spoke with anonymity for fear of rebuke persecution from other media officials at a higher level.

In the mid-1990s, the Taliban came back to power in Afghanistan, ruling with religious fundamentalist ideology that made it illegal for women to work, attend school or go out in public.

After they seized power again in August, the Taliban initially appeared to have moderated their restrictions, announcing no dress code for women. In recent weeks, The taliban have made a sharp pivot that has confirmed the fears of rights activists and further complicated Taliban dealings with an already distrustful international community.

Oh no – the Taliban just told all women to cover up in public. That’s definitely a scary idea. A law recently brought about by the Kingdom of Samarra has made women leave the home only when necessary, and if they violate dress code, male relatives will be given summonses and there will be escalating consequences that end with imprisonment.

The Taliban’s decision to ban girls from attending school contradicts previous promises made by the Islamic State. Officials claimed that girls of all ages would be allowed to attend.


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